On you are in the house.  This is key to your success at this appointment.  Opening the sale.  Very hard to close a sale if it not opened appropriately.

Warm-Up Script

“Hello Mr. & Mrs. Smith, how are you?”

I’m ready to go over the information your requested.  (as you are walking in the door).


As you drove up to the house, you should have looked for a focal point, be it a beautiful home,
nice view, pretty flower garden, etc. As you enter the home, pick out something in the house.
This could be something like a wall covered with grandchildren pictures or a pet scampering
around and start the conversation about something that they obviously are very proud of or
something that they would love to tell you about.

This should be done before you pull out the “Getting to Know You” packet and start asking the
scripted questions. This could last 5 minutes, or it may take 20 minutes, but don’t start till you
have a good bond with them. This is critical if you want complete answers for the questionnaire.

Small talk really matters …

Then go and sit on the couch, somewhere comfortable for all and you can start your scripted

Open the box and take out ”Getting to Know You” stapled packet.

“Where are you from originally?” {Why are you asking this? It tells you a lot about the
personality of the individual. It can also start other conversations.}

“How long have you lived here?” {If they moved recently, they may have proceeds from the
sale of a house.}

”Do you live here year round?” {Find out which is their residence. Obviously, if they have
another residence, that means they have the assets to maintain 2 households}

”Do you have family in the area?” If yes, the next question will be “Do they help you make
your household decisions?” If no, go to next question.

“What type of work did you do before you retired?” {This will engage you in conversation with
your client.)

“Were you lucky enough to get a pension?” {Find out if the pension passes to the spouse and
if so, how.}

“Were you able to roll over your 401k from your former company?” (Investigate scenario.)

“Are you lucky enough to have your health coverage paid by your former employer?” If yes,
do not do the Medicare checklist. If no, you are going to be doing the Medicare checklist.

“I don’t want you to get mad, but how old (or young) are you?” This is information that you
must have to proceed.

“Have you been in the hospital in the last 2/3 years?” You are pre-qualifying this consumer.
DIG!! Why were they in the hospital? Do they still need care for the existing conditions?

“Are you taking any prescription medications?” Get the details on these.

“Are you happy with your current health coverage?” If yes, congratulations. If no, find out the
reason why.

“What company is it?”

“What is the expense for your coverage?”  Self-explanatory.

“Has someone from your insurance carrier been out to bring you up to date on all of the
recent changes to health care?”

**This is a transition stage ** “Mr. & Mrs. Smith, I have some details that I’d like to write
down for you – do you mind if we go to the table?” GET UP AND GO TO THE TABLE.

If 70 or older, “has someone explained to you the choices you have concerning Required
Minimum Distributions?”

“If you didn’t have to take the RMD, would you?”

** This is another transition point ** “Mr. & Mrs. Smith, I have some information I’d like to
leave behind for you – do you mind if we move to the table so I can show you this
information?” Get up and go to the table.