The Presentation

AAG Straightforward Final Expense Presentation

NOTE: This is after a warmup conversation and after you have developed some repour.  Get in their zone.  Be close to them.  Be in a place for you to write notes for them to see.

Let me show you the top five things my clients really like about the program.  They almost to a person tell me how much relief they feel about their program that this takes so much stress of their children at the time of their death.  Would you also like to be able to remove the financial stress your family would need to endure upon your death?  WFA

Miss Jane the first benefit of the program is the Coverage lock.  Once in place the death benefit will never change.  It will last your entire life.  Some stop in 10 years or at a certain number of years.

Is that important to you?  WFA

Miss Jane the second benefit of this policy is the price lock.  This means the monthly amount you pay will never go up.  So many of the policies out there the premium will increase every year, some increase every five years, some at certain ages.  It would be sad if you had to choose to stop the policy before you passed away because the price increases.

Is that something that would be important to you?  WFA

The third benefit Miss Jane is it pays double in the event of an accident.  So let’s say you have a $25,000 benefit if you died in an accident your family would not get the $25,000, they would receive $50,000. Miss Jane do you think they would appreciate that extra money?

Miss Jane the fourth benefit that my client really like is the fact that this policy builds cash value It is like a saving account inside the policies,  It accrues interest and grows.  While we do not recommend this, but you can access it if you ever would need to access this cash value.

Do you like the thought of that built-in savings?

Finally the benefit that gives my client real comfort is that I am your local agent.  I am here to help you make any minor changes you need to make to your policy.  Instead of calling a 1-800 and wait on hold just to find out you are in the wrong department.  Has this ever happened to you before?  WFA  You only need call me and I will make the process so much easier for you.

But maybe more important is the fact that when you do pass away the stress on your family will be huge.  Dealing with all the details the family  and your friends.  Even the food that starts to come to the house.  Instead of fighting through all the things with the insurance company all they need do is call me.  And I will get the ball rolling while they focus on the family.

How important is that to you?  WFA

There are more than that but, these are the ones that my clients appreciate the most.  Which of these five is most important to you?  WFA

Note: this is why you write the benefits down.  Show them the written benefits and wait for the to answer.  IF they say “I don’t know” then simply say what do you think would be most important to your children (or beneficiary)

That great.  That is a benefit most of my client indicate as the most important.

So Miss Jane I have three options for you I know you will like.  I want you to pick the one you like the best.  Before I tell you, I want you to know all the options come with all five of the benefits we just talked about.

Then Flip to the page

Female age 72

$25,000    $125

$20,000    $100

$15,000    $75

Which one do you feel most comfortable?

NOTE: Shut up.  Last person to talk wins!

Once they select. Then you say Great, I thought you might pick that one.  So let’s see if you can qualify.

What is your legal name?

NOTE: move to complete application.