Step by Step In the House

The Presentation

Now the fun.  The presentation to the prospect.

Let’s first give you an overview of the presentation

Here is the outline of the steps you will want to follow.

AAG Final Expense Presentation Step by Step

  1. First impressions do make a difference. Dress business causal long shirt and dress pants.  Think about having an ID badge.
  2. After you enter the house and completed the warmup, find the need during the warmup. If it does not come out, then just ask “why did you send in the card?”.
  3. Be confident and comfortable this will also help them lower their defense wall.
  4. If it did not come up in the warmup, ask “who is the person who will be dealing with this when you pass. Tell me about them.
  5. Relax and be a good storyteller.
  6. Give a personal commercial about yourself. It should include:
    1. about whom you are,
    2. what you use to do,
    3. where you come from and
    4. why you believe what you do is so important.
    5. And you enjoy how your clients feel after working with you. Okay to spend 5 to 10 minutes.
  7. Let them know you do not work for a life insurance company those that do would be showing one company.
  8. Let them know you are proud to be a Senior Advocate and being part of a group that grants you access to all the insurance companies.
  9. Pull out the AAG What is Whole Life card and slowly go over benefits of whole life insurance
  10. Explain what is:
    1. graded life insurance often shown on TV commercials.
      1. Not full death benefit in first few years.
      2. More expensive.
    2. term insurance.
      1. Price continually goes up.
      2. Coverage will terminate hence why called TERM insurance
    3. Then how whole life is different
      1. Lock in the price it never goes up,
      2. Lock in Coverage from day one,
      3. Show critical and/or chronic benefit if available,
      4. Coverage will always be there as long as you pay premiums, and
      5. And you get me a local agent to help you if;
        1. you need to make changes to the policy like address changes,
        2. help your beneficiary on what needs to happen at your death.
      6. Have a conversation as to what of that list is most important to them. Get them talking about their beneficiary.
      7. Then show three options of coverage amounts and their price.
      8. Ask them which feels like the best plan for them.
      9. Validate their answer and then pull out the AAG Medical Overview form and say
      10. Let’s see what you will qualify for. And begin asking the health questions.
      11. OR Go straight to the AMERICO E-App and start the process.
      12. You may find a comfortable transition is to simply ask;
        1. What is your legal first name?
        2. What is the correct spelling of your last name? and
        3. Many find this a easy transition to the app rather than asking for their name or DOB.
      13. While you are looking up which coverage and carrier, keep your prospect busy by asking them to read:
        1. AAG I am your insurance policy.
        2. AAG Eight Reasons why concerned seniors purchase final expense
      14. If E-App says approved simply congratulate the prospect and say the draft date will be the day their SS check arrives. Once you have approval complete the application
      15. If the E-App comes back declined, then simply let the prospect know that the company has found something in your medical records that leads them to decline coverage for you at this time. The good news is I know that company XYZ  will issue you a guaranteed policy with no question asked.  Let me show you how we can get you the coverage you want and how that works.

And here a video going over the steps and why certain things are important.