Decade of Destiny

JANUARY 01, 2020 – JUNE 30, 2020

4. All tier qualification requirements include personal and team attendance at all AAG events and TTT during the qualification period.
5. Tier 1 – Hotel and no flight reimbursement.
6. Tier 2 – Full package hotel and up to $1000 flight reimbursement. The flight reimbursement will be good for up to $500 for the award winner and up to $500 for the guest. If no guest is present, only the award winner will receive up to $500 flight reimbursement.
7. FOR AGENT USE ONLY. NOT TO BE USED FOR CONSUMER SOLICITATION PURPOSES. Award trip qualification is based on net Alliance Agency Group, LLC affiliated company business issued between January 01, 2020 and June 30, 2020. All business must be paid by 06/30/20 in order to be eligible for award trip qualification. Paid premium qualification varies by product. A 5 case minimum required to receive an award trip invitation. Production cannot be accumulated between agents. Agent will be responsible for value of all awarded items by issuance of an IRS 1099 Form. Agents must be in good standing with Alliance Agency Group, LLC and its affiliated companies in order to attend the Agents’ award trip. Must be a minimum of 10 qualifiers. Qualifying agents must have acceptable persistence. Qualifying agents must rank in the category with all requirements satisfied. Qualifying agents must have minimum of life insurance license in good standing with state of residence to participate or qualify in the contest to win. Interpretation of the rules and final determination of award trip qualification will be at the sole discretion of Alliance Agency Group, LLC, and we reserve the right to deny attendance to any qualifier. If both spouses in a married couple are AAG Members and one is a Vice President or higher, qualifications are based the highest-ranking member’s qualification requirements and results. Guest may not be non-family member Alliance Agency Group, LLC member. Contest may be discontinued or modified at any time and all decisions are final. Conventions, trips and contests can be canceled without notice and without any obligation on the part of Alliance Agency Group, LLC to any person. Trip awards are for contracted Alliance Agency Group, LLC agents and their guest only. No substitutions allowed. Trip extensions are the sole responsibility of the individual.