MA Rule Number (4) Four

The Company, LLC. (AAG)
Membership Agreement Rule 4

SUBJECT: Membership in The Company

Membership Position Designations Covered by this Membership Agreement Rule

This Membership Agreement Rule (“Rule”) is issued pursuant to the Membership Agreement(“MA”) and applies to all Members of The Company, Inc. (“AAG”), including those who hold the Vice President (Level 20) sales position or higher-level sales position designations.


This Rule addresses Membership by Members involvement in AAG that expends significant resources to build its network of independent sales contractors (“The Company”), which is its most valuable asset. Preservation of this sales force is essential to the continuing success of AAG and all AAG Members. Membership in the AAG hierarchical sales organizations is voluntary.

Good Standing

AAG Members shall maintain a good standing relationship with AAG during his/her association with The Company, LLC. A Member may not directly or indirectly, recruit, attempt to recruit, induce or attempt to induce, any AAG Member to become a member or join, to enter into a contractual agreement or otherwise become affiliated with directly or indirectly, or to sell or to solicit any products or services for any business venture, person, company, or entity of any kind.

Involvement in Other Multi-Level Hierarchical Sales Organizations

Any AAG Member who is directly or indirectly a member of, a participant in, or has any contractual affiliation or other business relationship with, whether as an employee, agent, representative, or otherwise, any hierarchical sales organization which compensates, in whole or part, its sales agents, contractors, or representatives in the form of multi-level and/or multi-generational sales commissions based on sales of persons recruited to such organization will be considered a “Non-Dedicated” member of AAG in accordance with the MA, regardless of the type of products or services offered for sale by such hierarchical sales organization. In order for a Member to be considered a “Dedicated” Member of AAG, he or she must not directly or indirectly, market any products or services other than those marketed by AAG.

Consequences of Violation

Any violation of Section III of this Rule shall constitute a “for cause” basis for termination of an AAG Member under the Membership Agreement and will result in divestiture of commissions. Any violation of Section IV of this Rule will result in a classification of the Member as a Non-Dedicated Member of AAG. Such classification will render the Member ineligible for any current or future senior executive sales position designation, including, but not limited to, “Vice President” and will result in a loss of the benefits associated with such designations.

Termination of Membership

This Agreement shall terminate immediately without advance notice, pay in lieu of notice, damages or compensation of any kind by either party for any reason at any time through delivery of written notice, in accordance of Section VI of the Member Agreement, to the other party.