Vested Payouts

Vesting refers to the ability of a member to receive payouts and/or override compensation after termination of their membership agreement (“MA”).   Members who are Vice Presidents (Level 20 and above) for a period of five (5) years or more are considered vested.

Vested payouts consist of earns and renewal payouts on all life insurance products.  Additionally, vested payouts only apply to business written prior to the termination of the Vice Presidents’ (Level 20 and above) Membership Agreement.  Vested payouts will be paid on the Vice Presidents (Level 20 and above) business and the business of their down-line members when transactions are received from the Product Providers.

If termination of the MA is due to a Members death, vested payouts will be paid to the Member’s estate or, if directed, to the surviving spouse.

It is important to understand that vested payouts and override payouts may be forfeited (“divestiture”) under certain conditions.  The Company at its sole discretion reserves the right to divest the member if member engages in any activity, before or after termination which, in the sole opinion of the Company, may adversely affect the good name, and reputation of  the Company or affiliated companies or engages in any activity which may be detrimental of the business interests of  The Company or Affiliated Companies.  (Refer to your Membership Agreement for more information).