Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is $3.50 per direct deposit made to your checking account.

For example, if you have $1,003.50 total commissions on a Friday pay cycle you would have one (1) Direct Deposit fee of $3.50 charged at the time the money is paid to you.  Your cash flow for purposes of awards and trips would be $1,003.50 and the deposit into your account would be $1,000.00.  There are no charges or fees to start direct deposit. You do not have to change bank accounts or banking relationships to take advantage of direct deposit. Here are some additional benefits to you:

  • Saves you trips to your financial institution.
  • Eliminates the possibility of lost, stolen, or forged checks.
  • Deposits are made even when you are sick, on vacation, or traveling on business.

To sign-up electronically for Direct Deposit Now:

Print out and complete the Authorization Agreement Form online and forward it, along with a voided check or deposit slip, to The Company. We must receive both. The agreement gives The Company permission to make deposits to your account.  It does NOT give The Company permission to make withdrawals from your account.  If you have further questions about direct deposit and are not yet a VP please contact your VP or If you have already obtained the position of VP or higher you are authorized to contact the home office directly by using the contact page on your back office.

Cancellation Form

The Company’ default payment method is Global Cash Card.  If you have not set up another payment method, you will get a Global Cash card sent to your address of record.  The first time you are paid by global cash card you should expect to receive your card up to two weeks following the pay cycle.  After the first payment, your card, if you have commissions due, will be loaded with your commissions on the regularly scheduled pay dates.  If you have questions about how Global Cash card works please visit:

  • Direct deposit fee is $3.50 per transaction.
  • Global Cash Card fee is $3.50 per transaction plus a onetime fee of $7.50 for set up.
  • Printed Check fee is $5.50 per transaction.

If you have commissions posted on that you would like paid earlier than the scheduled Friday, there is a Special Check option for a $25.00 fee. For this, you can send a correspondence stating the cycle date, amount, and that you accept the Special Check fee.  The request will be reviewed by the Company’ accounting department.  The Company reserves the right to decline a Special Check request.  If you are a non-VP, please submit completed form to your VP for forwarding to the home office. If you have already obtained the position of VP or higher you are authorized to contact the home office directly.

It is fast and easy to sign-up for direct deposit, which is the least expensive method of payment through The Company.  If you know you have commissions on the way, sign up now!  Follow these simple steps to set-up your account:

  • Log into > Select: Tools & Settings > Resources > Forms Library:
    • Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement Form – Click here
  • You will be asked to Supply the following information:
    • Depository (Financial Institution/Bank)
      • Bank Name
      • Bank Address
      • Bank Phone number, including area code
    • Account information:
      • Name on the Account
      • Account Number
      • Routing Number
      • Type of Bank Account
      • Account Owner(s)

You may choose to be paid by Printed Check.  The Printed Check Authorization form, which can also be found in the forms library, needs to be filled out and submitted via regular mail to:

Alliance Agency Group