Commission Advance Rules and Limitations

In order to receive an advance on an eligible policy, the following requirements must be received by the Product provider:

  • Full initial premium.
  • Properly completed and signed bank draft information for direct billing.

All provider required forms, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Correct Replacement and 1035-exchange forms.
  • Correct state specific application.
  • HIV Consent Form.
  • Suitability application questions completed (where applicable)

Policies that may NOT be eligible for an advance if the:

  • Payment mode is not a direct bill monthly;
  • The writing agent or split agent is the insured, owner or payor;
  • The client resides at the same address as the writing agent or split agent; or,
  • The client is the writing or split agent’s mother, father, brother, sister, spouse, child or any other family member. This may also include in-law and step relationships.

The maximum The Company advance on any one case is $8,000.   IUL policies that are front loaded will pay out following the free look period of the policy.

NOTE: Advance and earned commissions may be withheld at The Company’s discretion.  The ability for an agent to receive any type of advance or earned commission will be determined at The Companies sole discretion at any time without advance notice to the agent.  The Company has the right at its sole discretion to suspend advance on submit for any Member at any time.