Account Roll-up Terminolgy

Account Roll-up Terminology

Following are some terms you want to be familiar with as they are often used when discussing the program.

  • Account Responsibility: Account Responsibility is the total worst-case scenario of debt exposure from a Member’s entire down-line but does not represent what may actually be rolled. The amount is the sum of all terminated down-line Advance Balances and existing debts from all down-line Members based on Co-Mentorship.  Base Shop Champions Standards percentages do not affect roll up or Account Responsibility.
  • Roll-Up Installment: Payment toward Roll-up related debt, the installment is calculated each cycle up to 100% of net payout activity, at The Company’s sole determination, but not to exceed the roll-up balance, and is in addition to any other existing long-term debt arrangements, if applicable.
  • The terminated Member’s hierarchy and the level of the up-lines are determined as of the Member’s termination date. The amount of the Member’s account balance subject to roll-up is the Account Responsibility as of the roll up date. The roll up date is the Member’s termination date or date of last actual Direct Deposit or check whichever is earlier.