Reports & Payout Statements

Online reports to help manage down-line account balances are available in the back office.

Account Roll-Up Guidelines and FAQ are subject to change at any time.

When Account Balances Roll Due to Member’s Termination

Account debt balances may begin to roll up to the appropriate VP as of the termination date.

  • If the up-line VP receiving the rolled balance is active, the balance will be placed into his/her Roll-Up Long-Term Debt (LTD). Roll-Up installments will process on each cycle until the LTD is paid in full.
  • If the up-line VP who should receive the rolled balance is terminated, the amount will be placed as current debt in his/her ending balance.  The Company will then determine in its sole discretion the appropriate time to roll that debt to the next upline VP.  Which may be the same day.
  • The following are the Account Roll-Up responsibilities for a VP.
    • All debt transferred to the VP from a rolled account.
    • The debt of down-line Members who terminate at the same time or prior to the VP.
  • If the VP terminates from The Company for any reason, he/she remains responsible for the negative account balances of active down-line Members in their hierarchy as of his/her termination date.
  • The maximum amount of down-line debt that can be rolled to an up-line is the terminated Members Account Responsibility.
  • Debt also includes outstanding monthly fees and any other monies owed to The Company or affiliates.

In addition, to the above, The Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to accelerate any outstanding debt at any time for any reason including all Account Responsibility and receive immediate payment by any means.  Such accelerated debt shall be added to the VP’s, as defined in the Membership Manual, current debt in his/her ending balance.