General Account Roll-Up Information & Guidelines

Divested Members or Members Terminated “For Cause”

Hierarchy Transfers
An active Member’s entire current and historical debt responsibility moves with the Member when he/she transfers from one hierarchy to another.

Terminated Members
Debt is automatically calculated when a Member terminates.  When a Member terminates with a debit balance, the debt account rolls to one or more of terminated Members up-line VP designated at the sole discretion of The Company.

At the time of a member’s termination from The Company, a notice of the debt amount will be included in the termination letter to the Member and a copy will be sent to all of the Member’s upline VPs.


If a terminated Member applies for reinstatement and their previous debt balance has been rolled to a upline VP, then both the terminated Member and the affected VP(s) will need to all come to an agreement prior to The Company approving the reinstatement.  Such agreement will not include The Company operational or financial systems.