Transfer/Co-Mentorship Modification Guidelines

In order to protect the integrity of the hierarchy, The Company will not process Vice President (Level-20) or above transfers unless the first up-line EVP (Level-30) or higher feels that the hierarchy would benefit from the transfer of the member and therefore signs the transfer. Agency relations will still present any transfer of Vice President (Level -20) or above to the agency committee for review and approval. When any member is transferred to a new up-line or a Co-Mentorship is modified, their up-line cannot count that production and/or agent and/or downline transfer toward a promotion for a period of six (6) months.

A hierarchy is identified by the first-direct, up-line EVP (Level-30) or higher for both the member only transfer and the member with down-line transfer.

There are three hierarchy transfer possibilities, which may be submitted to your VP for review and once complete your VP will forward it on to the home office.  If you have already obtained the position of VP or higher you are authorized to contact the home office directly by using the contact page on your back office.