Committed vs. Non-Committed


Committed members agree to sell only those Products and Services offered by The Company.  A committed member cannot be involved directly or indirectly (through family members), in any other type of hierarchical sales organization.  He/she can be promoted to Level-20 (VP) and above as well as begin the vesting process upon that promotion.


A member may sell products and services not marketed by The Company as well as the products and services offered by The Company.   The highest level a non-committed member can reach is up to, but not including, Level-20 (VP).   Upon reaching the VP (20) level, members must be committed and thus would begin the vesting process upon promotion to Level-20 (VP).

I am a non-Committed Member, how do I become Committed?

Send a letter requesting your status to be changed.  Please email the completed letter to your VP for review and forwarding to the home office.  If you have already obtained the position of VP or higher you are authorized to contact the home office directly by using the contact page on your back office.