Become Appointed with The Company

An appointment with a company allows you to submit business and receive compensation. The length of time to become appointed with a provider will depend on the state you are planning to sell in as well as the provider’s turnaround time (generally 10 business days).

Procedures for Currently Licensed Members

Once you have determined the provider you would like to be appointed with:

  • Check The Company Member Manual under the providers name to determine all forms needed.
  • See State Appointment Fees for required fees.
  • Complete all pages of the appointment application of companies being requested.

Go to “Become appointed with a Provider” > “click” the arrow to the left to expand folders > “Click” on desired provider.

***ALL provider appointments must be submitted through The Company***

You are NOT authorized to write business until you have written approval from the appointing provider or from The Company

If a provider is not listed in The Company Member Manual, if you are a non-VP contact your VP in order for them to contact The Company and ask to have the provider added.  If you have already obtained the position of VP or higher you are authorized to contact the home office directly by using the contact page on your back office.  OR click here