The Company is committed to maintaining ethical market conduct and sales practices. Guides, such as this Members Manual are meant to provide guidance and suggestions for a variety of situations but may not be able to address all possible situations that you as an agent may face in your day to day activities. Furthermore, there may be situations where an agent may require supervision or may require some form of monitoring. If you function in the capacity of a supervisor, it is your

responsibility to understand any and all requirements of your role. If The Company or an insurance company believes that an agent has failed to comply with policies, procedures, or established

guidelines one or more of the following steps may be taken:

  1. Training or retraining may be initiated
  2. Agent’s sales may be monitored for a period of time
  3. Compensation may be appropriately adjusted (including moving to “as earned”)
  4. A verbal or written warning may be issued; And/or
  5. The agent’s contract and/or appointment with the insurance company may be suspended or terminated, and/or the agent’s affiliation with The Company may be suspended or terminated.