1. Advertising and sales material that is designed to lead to sales or solicitation of insurance products should be presented in a manner consistent with the needs of the client. Such advertising and sales material will be based upon the principles of fair dealing and good faith and will have a sound basis in fact.
  2. Materials presented as part of the sale are clear and understandable in light of the complexity of the product being sold.
  3. Materials are not permitted to be used in the sale of insurance products unless they are reviewed and approved by The Company for compliance with this Code and with applicable laws and regulations related to advertising, unfair trade practices, sales illustrations, and other similar provisions.
  4. Only pre-approved Provider materials can be used.
  5. Appropriately handle and monitor complaints
  6. Client complaints will be identified, evaluated and handles in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  7. Policies and procedures will be maintained, adhered to and designed to reasonably ascertain that client complaint information gathered is analyzed, efforts are made to eliminate their root cause, and that it makes good faith efforts to resolve complaints and disputes.