The Company commits itself, and requires its agents to:

  1. Conduct business according to high standards of honesty and fairness and treat our clients and agents as we would expect to be treated
  2. Provide competent and client-focused sales and service
  3. Compete fairly
  4. Provide advertising and sales material that is clear, honest and fair
  5. Handle client complaints and disputes fairly and promptly
  6. Maintain a system of supervision and monitoring reasonably designed to demonstrate The Company’s commitment to and compliance with these principles In addition, The Company has adopted the following policies specific to The Company’s individually sold life insurance, annuity and long term care insurance (hereby referred to as “insurance products”). It is the policy of The Company, in the sale of its insurance products, to meet the needs of its clients. The Company commits itself and requires agents to:
  7. Enter into life insurance transactions that assist clients in meeting their insurable needs and objectives.
  8. Provide recommendations to purchase individually sold annuities, life insurance or long term care that are suitable based upon relevant information obtained from clients.
  9. Maintain a process to comply with laws and regulations that are related to this Code in the marketing and sale of insurance products or related to the running of an insurance business
  10. Proactively seek to improve the life insurance industry’s practices for marketing and sales of insurance products.
  11. Adopt and support the concepts in this Code. To disclose any violations of this Code so that The Company may take corrective action upon where deemed applicable.