Social Media

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The information below applies only to The Company Members.  The Company Members are required to consult The Company Advertising for all social media inquiries.  All advertising conforms to the same guidelines and this includes social media.  For any questions reference the Reviewed and Non-Reviewed section of this document first.

When using the approved networking sites for business purposes, it is imperative to a The Company member’s social network pages to represent themselves in a professional and appropriate manner.  Please keep in mind that The Company Members are not only presenting themselves to prospective clients, but they are also representing The Company, and the integrity and quality of The Company brand.

Social networking sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube, May be an outstanding way to stay in touch and network with fellow business contacts, friends and prospects.  Just as with any tool, however, it is effective only when it is used correctly.

An The Company Member is permitted to use multiple social networking sites for either their professional or their personal use.  When a The Company Member creates a social networking account for their professional use it is imperative to follow these two caveats:

  1. Comprehend the highly regulated environment that you work in and follow the rules.
  2. Present yourself in an appropriate and in a professional way.

Also, if you would like to include The Company in your account bio/about me on LinkedIn or in LinkedIn posts, please use the following:

The Company is seeking energetic, self-starters who want to help families and build a business.  Full and part time opportunities available.  No experience necessary.  Excellent training provided.  Inbox me for details.

Social Networking Best Practices

An The Company member is a reflection on the brand image of The Company.  That is equally true when a The Company Member meets with families and/or potential Members or has virtual communication with the general public using social media and networking sites.  Take for instance a twitter post, which is also known as a “tweet” being posted for the general public to see.  When the general public reads the tweet, they may have the belief that The Company Member, who is responsible for the tweet, is representing the opinion and/or values of The Company home office.   In as far as the perception of the general public is concerned, The Company Member is The Company. Because of this, please be aware of your part in keeping the impeccable reputation of The Company in place. To be clear, the actions you take on the internet not only reflect on you but also on the whole The Company organization.  Guarding our reputation is a 24/7 responsibility.  The Company is eager for our members to enjoy a full and rich online as well as person to person experience.  We just remind our Members that it is their responsibility to conduct themselves with the highest levels of professionalism and ethics as they do so.   Remember a lifetime of great acts can be jeopardized by one silly or inappropriate tweet or post on the World Wide Web.

The keeper of The Company reputation is each and every one of our members; it really is true that our members are our brand.

Please follow these helpful suggestions:

  1. Think before you tweet. Twitter is open to the general public:  An Up-line, a team member, a colleague, a regulator, a client, a friend or a family you would like to help.
  2. Be diligent before you post on any social media, use caution and ensure that what you write expresses your intended meaning.
  3. Don’t tweet just to tweet, always be sure to send out messages that have substance.
  4. Remember Angela Maier’s 70-20-10 rules on tweeting:
    a. 70% of tweets should share resources – links, articles, opinions and tools.
    b. 20% of tweets should engage in conversations and connections.
    c. 10% of tweets should “chirp” or chat about you, your life and your thoughts.
  5. You must not feel as though you are obligated to respond to what someone else tweets, even more true if the person is a stranger.  This is also true of direct messages; you are not responsible to respond to them.  If you receive content that is inflammatory or derogatory, particularly if it is about The Company, please do not respond.
  6. If you tweet a message on accident, do not panic, try to remove it if you can.
  7. Do not use tweets to discuss commissions, payouts, and products. All of these topics and any relating to them should not be discussed.
  8. The Company is not to be discussed.
  9. It is a great idea to follow the old adage, “Don’t discuss politics and religion at the dinner table” to your tweets.  We are a very diverse company and we have clients and Members of all religious organizations and political persuasions.
  10. Offensive language and conversation are not acceptable.  If you wouldn’t say it to a business partner or clients face don’t tweet it.
  11. Rude, disrespectful and mean posts are unacceptable.   If you wouldn’t say it to a client face to face don’t tweet it.
  12. It is a regulatory infraction to link any social media accounts including Twitter to any of The Company websites.