Sales Contest Specific Instructions

The Company members must submit all sales contests to The Company home office for approval.  The sponsor of the sales contest must receive approval from The Company home office prior to conducting the contest.

Important:  If the contest sponsor intends to use any flyer, poster, brochure or other material related to the sales contest, he/she must submit these materials for review and approval to The Company.  If you are a non-VP, please submit completed form to your VP for forwarding to the home office.  If you have already obtained the position of VP or higher you are authorized to contact the home office directly.

General Sales Contest Guidelines:

  • Sales contests may NOT be structured so as to favor a particular product or provider.
  • All products offered through The Company affiliated companies must be equally weighted.
  • It is highly recommended that contests be based on net points.
  • Sales contests cannot be based primarily on recruiting.
    • Recruiting may be a component of the sales contest, but the contest must be primarily based on production.
    • Contest based primarily on recruiting may violate state statutes or industry regulations.
  • Product providers may NOT contribute to the prizes or awards offered through the contest.
    • Sales contest flyers or other material that you want to use to promote the sales contest; it must adhere to the following guidelines:
  • It needs to include the term: For Internal use Only.
  • It must include both of the two contest disclaimers listed below:

Sales Contest – Disclaimers:

  • This sales contest is being sponsored by (sponsor name) an independent contractor of The Company, LLC.  All points are generated through the sale of products and services offered through The Company-affiliated companies.