Keywords (Approved)

Examples of Keywords that are approved for use in marketing and advertising. (This list is a non-inclusive)

  1. CDs rolled over into fixed accounts
  2. Debt Management – No advice can be given by members; however, member can make clear that this can be a portion of developing a financial needs analysis
  3. Deferred Compensation
  4. Disability Plans
  5. Estate Preservation
  6. Executive Bonus
  7. Fixed
  8. Group Plans
  9. Group Retirement Plans (401Ks) rollovers into fixed accounts
  10. Fixed Indexed Annuities / Products
  11. IRA rolled over into a fixed account
  12. Indexed Universal Life (IUL)
  13. Key Person Insurance
  14. Life Insurance Premium Financing
  15. Long Term Care
  16. Premium
  17. SEP
  18. Simple IRA
  19. Split Dollar
  20. Whole Life
  21. 401k rollovers and or 403b and or 457 rollovers into fixed accounts