Forbidden Advertising Activities

  1. Altering materials that have been pre-approved and are obtainable for download from The Company and the ACA, and/or merging or using pieces of The Company corporate copyright-protected materials.
  2. Using specific product providers or specific product types.  A member must be an EVP to use the logos or mention specific product providers.
  3. Offering or selling a particular product for which you are not licensed is NOT allowed in the advertisement(s)/sales literature that you are creating.
  4. Distorting The Company logo. (see the Brand Guidelines />Resources>Advertising Resources)
  5. Using terms such as “risk free,” “no risk,” “no fees,” “no charge,” and similar language when referencing life insurance or fixed annuity products.
  6. Using the succeeding employment-associated verbiage: job, hire, position, interview, apply, candidates, full-time position, part-time position, franchise, employment, employee, or any other verbiage that might be perceived as job related verbiage.  In addition, you are NOT allowed to request they submit a personal resume.
  7. Using the words “retirement plan” or “retirement fund” as The Company members are not financial planners.
  8. Referring to an Outside Income Activity (OIA).
  9. Using a foreign language.
  10. Any references to The Company.
  11. Any references to The Company. (see The Company Name Usage section)
  12. Using superlatives such as “best,” “greatest,” and “excellent.”
  13. Using Phrases, words or graphics that are promissory, exaggerated, unwarranted or misleading, such as “worry free,” “guaranteed,” etc.
  14. Using words or phrases such as “all,” “full,” “complete,” “unlimited,” “as high as,” and similar verbiage that exaggerated any benefits beyond the terms of the policy.
  15. Implying that past performance indicates future results.
  16. Implying or inferring that you or The Company offers tax or legal advice.
  17. Using automated mass communications, e.g., spamming, due to privacy issues this type of communication is not permitted.
  18. Endorsing a particular product or service as this creates suitability issues.
  19. Using pictures of dollar bills, piles of gold or other symbols depicting great wealth.
  20. Using alarming statements (scare tactics) that may cause excessive or unfounded fear and anxiety.
  21. Criticizing other representatives, professionals, products and/or companies.
  22. Participating in a blog.