Advertising Requiring Review

All advertisements and sales materials must be sent to The Company for review and approval prior to use.  This includes materials related to products, recruiting, etc.  In addition, all sales contests must also be submitted for review and approval prior to launch.

For the Company, advertising review submission is based on classification of content.  There are five (5) primary categorizations of advertising and marketing that the Company works from.  Prior approval must be received from the Company before using the subsequent kinds of advertising:

  1. Business overview meetings
    • The advertising submission form must be submitted with each advertising piece
    • No member affiliated with the Company is allowed to create their own presentations
    • EVP’s and above are the only agents allowed to mention specific product providers or use logos
  2. Life insurance
  3. Product provider materials
  4. Sales contests
  5. Particular kinds of product providers insurance contracts

Marketing material content that does not include references to the above five (5) categorizations does not need to be submitted for approval to the Company.

Advertising Review Instructions

All submissions for advertising should be sent to the Company advertising department.  The most effective method of submission is through our internal system.  If you are a non-VP, please submit completed form to your VP for forwarding to the home office.  If you have already obtained the position of VP or higher you are authorized to contact the home office directly.  (For ease of use by the home office, please use the PDF file format, whenever possible)

Please follow these steps when submitting your advertising materials to the Company:

  1. Completely fill out and submit the Advertising Submission Form at time of request (each advertising material piece must be submitted)
  2. Submissions are processed within fourteen (14) business days from the date of submission unless the home office informs the Company associate otherwise
  3. All approvals for advertising material(s) expire in twelve (12) months, unless otherwise indicated by the home office
  4. We strongly recommend that you save a copy of all approved advertising submissions to verify approval, if necessary, as well as, case number for reference