Advertising & Marketing Material that does NOT require review (INTERNAL USE ONLY)

Advertising and Marketing Material that does NOT Require Review (FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY)

Marketing materials that won’t be utilized with the general public and are used for training or educational purposes do not require review.  These types of materials are categorized or marked for “Internal Use Only.”  However, just because material is categorized as Internal Use Only doesn’t imply that it doesn’t have to be submitted for approval.

The subsequent kinds of advertisement materials do NOT need to be sent to The Company Home Office for approval:

  • Internal use only
  • If the marketing materials have no reference to life insurance, product providers, sales contests, or any specific type of product e.g. IUL, Term insurance etc. submission is not required
  • The advertising compliance archive (ACA) already has the advertising piece and it is non-securities related
  • On any advertising piece found in the ACA, replacing personal information is the only way the piece may be altered (e.g. name, phone number, email)
  • The promotional piece is for purposes of recruiting only
  • Attending a public appearance does not require notification (booths or seminars, i.e. job fairs)
  • Social media; except if it contains info on life insurance, product providers, product types

INTERNAL USE ONLY – Advertisement materials must include the following three (3) items:

  1. LOGO – The Company logo / find the logo at Click Here  />Resources>Advertising Resources
  2. License Number – if it is required by your state’s Department of Insurance
  3. Tagline – The Company, LLC tagline

The Company, LLC is a financial services marketing company with affiliates who offer a broad range of financial products and services.