Final Expense Appointment Setting

Final Expense Appointment Setting Lead Script

Hello first name, my name is Agent and I’m calling you back from the senior benefit center right here in town and state. The reason I’m calling is because you had filled out a request in the mail to get some information on a state regulated insurance program to pay for your final expenses.

You put down here that your birthday is ______ and your wife’s is _______, is that correct?

My job as the field underwriter is to verify your health and see what programs you qualify for. The purpose of the call is to find a time that you’re usually home so I can find a day to put you in my schedule. Are you both normally home in the morning’s, afternoons or evenings?

Perfect, it looks like I will be right down the street Tuesday evening would it be better at six or eight?

OK I have you down at 8:00 on Tuesday and the address I have is 12345 Anywhere St.  Do me a favor and get a pen and paper.  Then write down my name which is ______ and Tuesday at 8:00.

Are there any locked gates or big dogs I need to worry about when I get there?

I look forward to meeting you Tuesday at 8 o’clock and I’ll see you then.